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Tournament Dates

• The tournament dates are APRIL 30 – MAY 2, 2010

• The deadline for guaranteed entry is 04-09-2010

• The deadline for withdrawals is 04-09-2010

No refunds will be made After 04-09-2010


Weather Policy and Procedures

• In case of tournament cancellation: Full refund less $75 administration fee if no games are played, 50% refund if 1 game is played, and no refund if 2 games are played.     

• Check the South Jeff website for weather updates, www.southjeff.org                                                        

• Weather related schedule changes will be posted on www.usssa.ocom as soon as possible.

 • We reserve the right to make any adjustments necessary to complete the tournament.



• All communication with teams and coaches is done via email.

• Please make sure we have a current email address and you check your emails regularly.

• Schedules will be posted by Monday, APRIL 21,2008.  

• Check your schedule regularly as schedules may change anytime up to the end of the tournament.

• You may contact us through our email at


Team Information

• There will be no coaches meeting. Each team must check in 1 hour prior to their first game. You will be given information you will need to start your first game at check in, so make sure a representative from your team checks in prior to your first game.

• Each team must provide the following documentation:

 1) Age verification –

                a) All teams must have birth certificates for every player available throughout the tournament in case of protest

2) A USSSA roster printed from the USSSA web site and signed by all the parents.
                a) No players names or birth dates may be hand written, all must be printed from the USSSA website.
                                                                                         3) Proof of insurance
• Bring Roster, proof of insuance and age verification to check in. Do not mail in documentation.

 No team will be allowed to play without all documentation


Tournament information

• This tournament is for AA and USSSA registered teams

• USSSA State Tournament and USSSA World Series berths will be awarded

• 1st and 2nd place teams will be awarded individual awards for each player.

Game Sites- see maps at www.southjeff.org

• CL - Clement Park    KE – Columbine Sports Park   Mos – Sarah Mosley  Sh – Shaw   Lin – Linderer   Pk – Peak   Sch – Schaeffer Sports Complex ( SE corner of Hamden and Kipling ) and Easton


• There will be 0 tolerance for abuse of umpires and site tournament staff.

• Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and fans.

• Anyone (coach, fan or player) arguing balls and strike will be ejected

• Any adult ejections will be for the current game and the following game.


 Any other Questions can be answered at check in