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8 Year Old Majors Information
All 8 year old (2nd grade) players for the upcoming season have the option of trying out for the 8 year old Majors team. This team will be made up of 8 year olds from South Jeffco and is not affiliated with the South Jeffco Midget program. This team is puttogether for 1 year only to give the top players a chance to play in a more competitive league.

The league plays by Roberto Clemente Rules, which plays regular baseball with some stealing limitations. They will play 18 league games in the Jefferson County Junior Baseball League. The League consists of teams from the high school areas throughoutJefferson County. The team will also play in some tournaments to be determined by the team. The league schedule consists of 18 games usually playing 1 or 2 games a week.

Tryouts for the 8 Majors team will be held on Sunday October 22, time and location TBD. The players will go through a number of drills to determine their throwing, hitting, catching, pitching, fielding and running ability. Each players skills will be evaluated by a group made up of coaches who do not have affiliation with any of the players in the tryout. The top players will be chosen for the team and then the coach will be picked. Those players not making the 8 majors team will return to the 8 year old midget program.

This is a 1 year commitment. At 9 years of age, all of the 9 year olds from the 8 Majors team and the Midget Program will tryout and new teams will be formed. The teams from the 8 year Midget Program may not stay together.

For additional information on the 8 Majors program, please link to the 8 Majors Information
When is registration?

Registration for tryouts will open in September.
How long is the season?

Practices begin March 1. The League season begins April 1 and runs through the end of June. The State Tournament is typically held over the July 4 weekend.
When and where are games?

Each team will play 9 home games and 9 away games. The home games will be played at Kendell and Elmhurst or Mosley field. Away games will be at the home fields of the team you are playing in the Jefferson County League. Teams usually will play 1 or 2 games per week and can play on any day of the week.
What are my responsibilities as a parent?

You as a parent should support your child and the team. Always be positive around the players and team. If you have concerns address them with the coach first at the appropriate time. If you still have concerns contact your Area Director. If your area director cannot solve your problem then contact the Baseball Director. Both directors can be contacted through the South Jeffco office. (303-979- 9239) You should also assist in your player's skills development. You can do this by enrolling him in clinics, getting professional training and working with them on the skills they are learning at practice.